Napa Valley Coalition of Nonprofit Agencies

Napa Valley Coalition of Nonprofit Agencies believes that the Nonprofits/Community Benefit Organizations located in Napa County will be more effective in meeting the needs of the community if they have a chance to lean on and learn from each other. Everyday, participation in this alliance keeps all of us apprised of the work of others, so that we don't spend time duplicating, but we do spend timeĀ helping the people of Napa find the right service in the right place.

About the Coalition

The Coalition was formed in 1995 when eight executive directors of Napa Valley nonprofit organizations met to discuss the concept of bringing health and human services agencies together for the purpose of mutual support. Since then the Coalition has expanded its membership to include all nonprofit organizations that are working to improve the quality of life of Napa Valley residents. The Coalition is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization with regular, affiliate and honorary member organizations. We have affected public policy, strengthened the health and human services forum and increased the quantity and quality of services by means of our extensive membership and committee structure.

Please take a look at our workshops, calendar of events and member job opportunity pages. If you are planning a special fund-raising event and want to avoid scheduling conflicts with other Napa Valley organizations, go to our calendar page, check other existing event dates and register your event by dropping us an email (it will then be reviewed by our administrator before it is posted). This is a free service provided by the Coalition to all Napa Valley nonprofits.

Napa Valley nonprofit organizations who would like to consider membership in the Coalition should see our How to Join page for information on benefits and member fees.

If you have any questions or ideas for community or member collaboration, please contact us at