Napa Valley Coalition of Nonprofit Agencies
Identity & Transition Plan, FY 16-17

In January 2016, the Coalition underwent a leadership transition.  When the transition was announced, the Board determined that this was a good time to evaluate the impact and status of the organization.  Based on input in a strategic planning session held at the end of 2015, the Board requested that a strategic plan be developed and asked what potential scenarios for the Coalition were.  The options brought forth were to:

    1. Close the coalition
    2. Remain the same
    3. Grow the coalition or
    4. Affiliating with another organization.

The Coalition membership and Board, at the February monthly membership meeting, narrowed the options down to two: grow the Coalition (which would result in the need for a more robust Strategic Plan) or affiliate with another organization.  It was also determined that an outside consultant would be needed to assist with the process and requests for proposals have been solicited. 

While a path forward was developed, it also became apparent that while the membership found value in the Coalition, that value couldn’t be verbalized clearly.  Many shared that the networking and support they received from fellow nonprofit organizations was invaluable, many felt the Coalition could do more. 

The Board requested that the strategic planning process that began in 2015 be completed with the development of a strategic plan.  After a draft was put together, concerns were shared about the concept and design of the strategic plan.  Rather than focus on what that structure would look like, we are recommending that this plan be modified to focus on identity - who we are and who we want to be - and that the plan be renamed; ‘Identity and Transition Plan.’  This plan would then focus on what we are good at – networking and some organizational development, and what areas the Coalition could grow into including:

  • Building more internal communication and support for the committees,
  • Building an advocacy component,
  • Increasing our organizational development capacity,
  • Building an overall communications plan, and
  • Continuing our existing networking components

Over the next fiscal year, this plan is designed to assist the Coalition to build and expand our identity.  Once we have approved this plan, we can then determine our long-term structure and then move into a more robust strategic plan process.  As it is in all the work we do, the goal continues to be in support of our mission:

Mission: The Coalition strengthens and supports its nonprofit members who work to improve the quality of life of Napa County residents.

Vision: The Coalition is a powerful and effective community leader, educator, and advocate for all nonprofit members in Napa County.

Enhance communication between the Coalition Committees and the Board of Directors to improve the ability of the Coalition to support and advocate on behalf of clients and residents.

  • Develop an ad-hoc committee consisting of Committee Chairs or appointed representatives to assist the Board during the transition period and in determining the goals and future direction of the organization.
  • Leverage the collective voice of the Coalition via the Committees to develop an organizational process for setting goals that are collectively implemented, shared and agreed to by members without stymieing the work of the committees.
  • Encourage Coalition members to serve on at least one committee.
  • Encourage leadership succession planning at the committee and board levels.
  • Utilize cycle of continual improvement to evaluate the work of the Coalition and its Committees.

The Coalition speaks with one voice to community, business and governmental leaders on behalf of member organizations to advocate for improving the quality of life of Napa County clients and residents.

  • Create an advocacy process for committees to advocate on a specific issues and a pathway to gain full Coalition support that is inclusive and representative of all members.
  • Utilize the ‘Policy Guidelines for Public Advocacy and Process,’ as developed by the Advocacy and Education Committee.
  • Develop lines of communication for members to share advocacy materials.
  • Provide education and training on advocacy to the Coalition as a whole and for member organizations use in house.
  • Expand Coalition roles in community discussions and continue to build partnerships with the County of Napa.

Access opportunities for organizational development to increase fiscal management, efficiency and client satisfaction.

  • Identify organizations that offer veritable nonprofit training resources and share those resources with member organizations.
  • Identify funding sources for potential scholarships to attend trainings.
  • Identify training needs and create local opportunities.
  • Share opportunities in Tidbits and on the Coalition calendar.

Formalize networking opportunities for members to be informed and to work together.

  • Utilize the membership meetings for members to communicate ongoing work with an eye towards collaboration and cross-pollination.
  • Create a new member orientation program including potential organizational mentorships.
  • Identify areas of mutual collaboration through Tidbits and the website.
  • Create linkages between the committees and the Board for support and collaboration.

Increase the visibility of the nonprofit sector to the community, local businesses and local leaders.

  • Utilize the Board and Ad-Hoc Committee to gather success stories of members.
  • Cultivate relationships with local media to share success stories.
  • Utilize member staff connections to service clubs and other organizations to share the work of the Coalition members.
  • Utilize the calendar for community, business, government and members to share events, fundraisers and deadlines.