How To Join

If you are a nonprofit organization interested in joining the Coalition in its efforts to strengthen and support its nonprofit members who work to improve the quality of life of Napa County residents, please complete our online application form and send to us to the address below along with your membership dues.


The Coalition is, and will continue to be, primarily funded by member dues. Members continue to make a significant investment in the success of sustaining the Coalition. The dues structure is listed on the member application. First-time members who join after the start of our fiscal year (July 1) may pay dues on a mutually agreed prorated basis.

In cases such as multi-county agencies, where Line 17 of the 990 is not an accurate representation of Napa program expense, please contact us at

Affiliate membership is available to funders, governmental agencies, businesses and other organizations who wish to support the work of the Coalition.  Affiliate members are non-voting members and pay annual dues of $250. They are encouraged to contribute more if they are able to support the important work of the Coalition.

If you are interested in joining the Coalition as an affiliate member, complete an affiliate member application and send to us with your affiliate dues to our mailing addresses below.


Stay Informed

The Coalition is well known for its advocacy and credibility in Napa Valley. The purpose for the creation of the Coalition was to provide a foundation for support and collaboration for each other. When we speak up, the community listens. When we show up, the community is better aware of the needs of our clients and services.

Together we have been on the forefront of issues such as condominium conversion, services to the homeless, living wages and economic self-sufficiency.


The Coalition offers trainings that are targeted to the latest trends and needs of our members, especially in these challenging times. We learn from, and about each other as we share resources, best practices and advice. Mindful of time and financial resources, the Coalition is researching new ways using technology for members to learn

Connections and Networking

Membership provides meaningful peer to peer support, communication and linkages. There are general monthly members meetings with speakers and in-services, as well as up to date information from local government entities. Monthly member meetings are preceded by time set aside for EDs and members to mingle and exchange ideas with each other.

We have nine dynamic mission-driven, issue-based committees. Through them, we advocate for change and provide a unique forum for inter-agency collaboration. Each Coalition member is required to serve on at least one committee and many serve on several.

Our weekly Tidbits member email newsletter provides updates on agencies, trainings, job and grant availability as well as a forum for members to engage. Timely articles from professional journals, newspapers and foundations are also included.

The Coalition Web page, as well as up-to-date membership rosters, are also vital links.

Knowing that a job in the nonprofit field is challenging, the Coalition also offers the opportunity to let your hair down and have fun with your fellow members at a variety of small and large social events.