Economic Self-Sufficiency

State of the Committee

1.  Project Development and Research for Best Practice Models
- Bank on Napa
- Social Enterprise
- Asset Building
- Expanding Access to Public Benefits
- Advancing Safe Financial Service
- Other?

2.  Informing Policy Making
- Discussions of current policy issues related to getting people back to work and beyond
- Discussions of events and changes affecting the economic climate
- Information brought to the ESS Committee will be forwarded to The Coalition of Non Profit Agencies’ Advocacy Committee using the Advocacy/Public Policy Request Form

3.  Education and Outreach
- The Committee will organize and or participate in outreach fairs and outreach events. 
- Support efforts of Committee Members such as Blue Skies and Lunch Box and Healthy  - Cooking on a Budget and Family Center Economic Success etc…
- Provide information Regarding Safe Financial Practices

4.  Sharing and Disseminating Information
- Pool Resources and Build Collaborations
- Provide ESS Related Agency Updates
- Look for Peer Learning Opportunities
- Bring in Innovators to Train Our Community
- Include Private Sector in the Discussion

I welcome your additions to this suggested list.  Please email me at to comment.